JESSICA DRISCOLL | fashion & leather designer


WHO I am Jessica Driscoll, a multi-disciplinary fashion designer residing in Columbus, Ohio. I have two main focuses: leather bags & accessories and clothing collections. In a nutshell, I design bags to sell and clothes as a creative outlet. This website focuses on the latter.

WHY Apart from my leather handbag and accessory line, at least once a year I create a clothing collection as a personal project. I don’t sell these clothes, I see these projects as a creative outlet. Like how an illustrator tells a story through drawings or paints, I tell my stories through fabric. 

While I don’t like to limit myself to being a designer of anything specific when it comes to fashion, I do tend to focus on a few key elements that continue to reappear in each collection. Juxtaposing hard and soft elements is definitely a main focus, even if it isn’t always apparent it is a staple of my design process. Sometimes this comes as mixing opposing textiles, or in the shapes of the garments.

INSPIRATION Music influences my design process greatly. A few staples are: Aliceffekt, Jim Guthrie, Disasterpeace, and Woodkid.



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